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Stakeholders Conference –
the project’s main public event

  Presentations filmed during the sessions before the break
  Anna Bernagozzi, ENSAD
On 28 May 2014, at Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), rue d'Ulm 31, Paris, France, the IC-IC Beneficiaries consortium gathered to receive representatives of airlines. Airports, urban and long haul public transport providers, the tourism sector etc. to present the outcomes of the IC-IC research project. Introduction was provided by a teaser animation to explain the InfoConnectivity System (ICS), followed by the story of handing in the project, exemplifying its significance and expectations of the European Commission. Next, an update was provided on the current global air travel situation, underlining the need for initiatives such as the ICS. Thereafter, the ICS was exemplified by showing its possible implementation in a travellers (customers) journey. Then, IT topics relating to ICS implementation were raised, followed by a presentation of the concepts underlying the ICS that make it successful. After the break, a panel discussion was initiated by a presentation of possible forms of collaboration of Stakeholders required to implement the ICS. This lead to a lively exchange and preferences of stakeholders to be considered. Finally, questionnaires were handed to Stakeholders for feedback on implementation issues. Concluding the event, Stakeholders were provided a link to download the ICS Handbook, a valuable document describing implementation possibilities, that provides links to further relevant information.

Below, you may click through the individual presentations, as seen in the film above, plus one more, focussing on models for ICS implementation.

13:00 Start of the conference
13:20 Introduction –Seamless Air Travel (teaser video)  

 Edenspiekermann &
13:30 European perspective – EU funded research on travelling  

 Peter Simlinger, IIID
13:40 Keynote: European Tourism: Trends & Prospects

  by Valeria Croce,
  European Travel
  via skype
14:00 The InfoConnectivity System (ICS): Use examples

 ICS Model
 application Paris
 and 1st insights
 from model

 Anna Bernagozzi &
 David Serrault,

 IT and the ICS

 Matthias Zifko,
14:30 The unique ICS concept – what is behind?
 Stefan Egger, IIID
14:50 Break
15:00 ICS implementation – requirements & steps: Discussion & feedback
 ICS collaboration

 Star Engineering
 Panel session

 by the
 IC-IC Beneficiaries
 forms session

 Stefan Egger, IIID
17:00 End of the conference

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